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You will find useful info on topics that will help you choose the kind of material, size of sculpture you want and how to take care of it. See also info on payment options, shipping info and returns/exchanges.


Head On Design accepts payment using PAYFAST, PAYPAL or EFT (Bank Deposit).

PAYFAST is a safe way to use your Master or VISA card and works for customers within and outside of South Africa.
(American Express and Diners Club not accepted)

Bank Deposit or EFT payments within South Africa are welcome. You will receive banking details at Check Out.

PAYPAL is fine to use if you are outside of South Africa but we prefer you to use Payfast as it's instant. If you select Paypal, we will manually send you an invoice for payment within 12 hours and ship once you have completed payment.


Please note we don't carry stock of all our products. Read descriptions carefully to see which still need to be manufactured, and allow a wait of approx 3 weeks excluding your delivery time.


Shipping Costs:  Within South Africa: (in Rands)
Mini heads: Order up to 2 for R130; thereafter pay R160 for shipping.
Medium Heads: R160 - R200.
Large Heads: R320.
Wine rings: Order up to 4 for R60; thereafter pay R130 for shipping.
Bookshelves: R390 to ship.

Shipping Costs:  Outside of South Africa: (in US$)
Please note prices change due to fluctuating exchange rate and are merely an estimate:
 heads: $30; or pay $42 for 2-3 heads.

Medium Heads: cost $48 - $53
Large Heads: cost $80.
Wine rings: Order up to 4 packs for $19, thereafter, pay $30 for 5-9 packs.

Bookshelves: $112 to ship.

South African Orders: Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. Notification via email will be sent on completion of your order along with a tracking number. A signature will be required on delivery. If your parcel is returned to us if unable to deliver a new delivery fee will be charged to redeliver.

International Orders: We make use FEDEX to send international orders and they usually take 6 days to 2 weeks. All items include a tracking number which will be emailed to you on completion of your order. Please provide a daytime delivery address such as a work address, as they require a signature on delivery. If your parcel is returned to us for whatever reason, a new delivery fee will be charged to redeliver it.

Please note customs and import duties may apply in your destination country and will be for your own expense and are not included in the price.

Customs and Imports: You may be liable for any customs and import duties and tax once your order arrives in your country. Customs policies vary widely from state to state and country to country. Therefore we suggest that you check the requirements in your country before placing an order. We will not be liable for any custom or import duties.


Notification to be made within 7 days of receiving your order. Please email Jo: jo@headondesign.co.za


4.1 You ordered the wrong thing: If you discover on receipt of your package that you have ordered the wrong size, material or colour, you are welcome to return it to be exchanged for the correct item and we can chat about who owes what if there is a price difference. (postage/courier cost for your account)

4.2 We sent you the wrong thing: If you discover that the wrong item has been sent to you, (i.e. Head On Design has made a mistake), and we will refund you the cost to post it back. If it was couriered to you, we will organise a collection. (postage/courier cost for our account)

4.3 You just don’t want it anymore: You realise upon receipt of the package that it’s just not want you want and you want to exchange it or receive a refund. (postage/courier cost for your account)

Please note that for scenarios 4.1 to 4.3 it is unlikely that we will issue a refund or exchange if it is clear that the product has been returned broken or damaged, so please make sure it is returned in its original form (flat-packed) and well packaged for postage, (i.e. in its original box packaging, that is protected by bubble wrap). Please also ensure you send it with a tracking number and insurance, as a refund/exchange cannot be issued if Head On Design does not receive it.

4.4 Something broke in transit: If a piece inside the box has been broken or damaged during transport, please take a photo of that piece and email it to this email address and we will replace it for you.

For all Return/Exchange correspondence, please email jo@headondesign.co.za

Strictly no refund or exchange will be issued on sale/reduced price orders.


Please keep away from high humidity and moisture such as steam.

Be aware of how you hang a sculpture on your wall, especially a X-board (white board) sculpture and follow hanging instructions carefully. Please ensure that the wall-mounted sculpture you have is securely hooked into the base. An incorrectly hung sculpture may fall off the wall. Please also ensure and that it is not leaning too far forward as a result of a nail sticking further than 5mm out of the wall. This causes wear on the sculpture. Please refer to 'Repairs' below if you have experienced damaged or wear caused by incorrect hanging.

Dust: Most pieces that make up a sculpture sit vertically rather than horizontally, and so collect very little or no dust.

Cleaning for X-board and bamboo:

Dust with a dry or very lightly damp cloth.

If you are living in a very damp/humid area and detect signs of mould on the bamboo, wipe it with a mild bleach solution and dry surface thoroughly. If it persists, or to prevent further mould growth, please speak to your local hardware store about applying a protective oil to the bamboo.

Cleaning for suede and paperboard:

Dust or brush with a soft brush.

All Head On Design products are packaged in Head On Design packaging.


Be very aware of how you hang a sculpture on your wall, especially a X-board (white board) sculpture. Please ensure that the wall-mounted sculpture you have is securely hooked into the base. An incorrectly hung sculpture may fall off the wall. Please also ensure and that it is not leaning too far forward as a result of a nail sticking further than 5mm out of the wall. This causes wear on the sculpture. If part of a sculpture needs replacing due to damage or wear, Head On Design will be happy to replace a particular piece(s) and the cost of replacement and postage will be charged.


Most sculptures come flat-packed, with the exception of the bamboo stands, which are pre-assembled. All flat-packed sculptures come with clear diagrammatic instructions on how to assemble/fit and hang (the heads). Please follow hanging instructions carefully, and in particular, please ensure you a) hook the sculpture securely into the base and b) make sure the nail is not sticking further than 5mm from the wall

Assembly: If you’re concerned that you may not get it 100% right, you’re welcome to send a photo once you’ve assembled it and we can check whether it has been assembled correctly. Please send to this email address: jo@headondesign.co.za

  1. SIZES

Trophy Heads: How we measure height (H) vs. width (w) vs. Depth (d)

Height = from bottom of the base to the highest point such as the tip of the horns.

Width = the widest left-to-right points such as earspan.

Depth = from the wall to the furthest point from the wall, usually the tip of the nose or in the case of the elephant, the tip of the tusks.


X-BOARD: (also called Xanita) Made from 100% recycled cardboard boxes, is proudly South African and is 100% recyclable. Despite being a recycled material, these sculptures will last for years. X-board is strong yet light-weight, of a high quality, with a white semi-gloss paper finish and corrugated edging to add definition even when hung on a white wall.

BAMBOO: Bamboo is nature's new wonder plant, and gives these 'trophy' head sculptures a beautiful grain texture against any interior wall, whilst exuding an Afro-chic elegance. Bamboo can be grown in overgrazed and over farmed soils, without fertilizers or pesticides. It consumes very little water and is also stronger than most timbers.

SUEDE: The suede is sourced from a reputable leather company and has been tanned to international standards and is of a high quality.

PAPERBOARD: (mini heads only) A 1.2mm thick paperboard made from recycled paper. The board is a white to off-white colour and has a soft felt-like texture.


Head On Design has done commissioned pieces for ad campaigns, shop displays, charity / conservation events, conferences and weddings.

Please note that these pieces take time to design, test and create, so as a general rule, a lead time of at least 6 weeks is necessary for completion.

For any queries related to the topics mentioned above, please email Jo: jo@headondesign.co.za

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