Head On Design is a multi-creative space run by Joanna Orr. Her latest creative work is of sculptural, near life-size animal heads that mount on your wall. View images of kudu, rhino, buffalo and elephant and nguni heads made from either bamboo,leather or an eco-friendly white board called Xanita. These sculptures are ironic twist on the more traditional 'hunting trophies'. Head On Design’s most recent animal, the rhino, and has been created specifically to bring awareness and funding to the right people, with the hope that we save this majestic creature from extinction.


Head on Design is making beautiful sculptures out of bamboo

--- OCT NEWS ---
30 Oct 2014 - 6pm to 8:30pm
at the Watershed, Waterfront

Head On Design at the Waterfront Watershed - Big Launch 30 Oct 2014

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Head On Design is a multi-creative studio space run by Joanna Orr.
Her latest creative work is of sculptural animal 'trophy' heads that mount on your wall,
as well as fullbodied, freestanding sculptures to complement your home.
Made from natural or recycled materials, Head On Design creates beautiful objects that make a statement.

or see what's in the showroom and ready to ship...

Staying away from the obvious ‘Big 5’, Head On Design focuses on unique features in animals such as the
kudu and nguni with their striking horns, including that of the rhino’s, which we’re so dearly trying to protect at the moment.

Sculptures are made in a range of sizes in a variety of natural materials such as bamboo - nature’s new wonder plant;
a beautiful white recycled board called Xanita which is locally made; a thinner recycled paperboard for the smaller sculptures,
or for a more luxurious feel, leather and suede.
They come flat-packed with clear instructions on how to assemble.
Head On Design’s more recent creations include freestanding sculptures in laser-cut bamboo, and Xanita.

images of African animals such as kudu, rhino, buffalo, elephant and nguni heads.

The showroom is now open to the public, 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Unit 2 Canterbury Studios, 35 Wesley, Gardens (parking availalbe in Wembley Sq)
Please make an appointment before you arrive, thanks

The Head On Design Showroom is shared with 2 other wonderful creatives:

Sharon B Design - art, illustration and a wide range of lighting
Matblac - handcrafted leather and felt wallets, iPad & laptop covers


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